fencing faq

What should be the height of fencing?

For installing a fence, the height should be up to 2 metres and you will not need to obtain any permit from the local bodies. However, if the height is more than 2 metres then definitely you will require a permit.

Which fencing requires the least maintenance?

Vinyl fencing, treated wood fencing, and aluminium fencing require the least maintenance. However, their maintenance should be done by expert fencing contractors once every 12 months.

What is the average price of fencing?

The average cost of fencing can be £36.50 per panel + £22.50 per post. However, this price can vary depending on the type of fencing you want to install.

How much is fencing installation in Edinburgh?

The average cost could be around £300 to£400 per day for installing a small fence. However, in the case of a fence installation measuring around 200-foot, the price can vary from around £750 to £1200 in labour. Furthermore, you can also hire a builder at an hourly rate between £7 to £15.

What is the best fencing vinyl or wood?

Comparatively, vinyl is the best fencing as it requires the least maintenance. However, it is expensive than wood fencing but because of its low-maintenance quality, it would be worth spending on this type of fencing.