Timber Fencing Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fencing Co is a locally owned fencing company, specialising in offering premium quality services for garden fencing, commercial fencing, and domestic fencing. We take pride in high-quality customer service and skilled artistry. We design and install different timber fences for residential and commercial homeowners in Edinburgh and its environs.
When it comes to fencing, timber is a versatile product that comes in different designs and shapes. We will help you choose the timber design that aligns with your budgets or preferences. A wooden fence is an ideal option in providing protection and privacy, and you can modify it to fit your situations.
Common Types of Timbers
Timbers exist as either softwood or hardwood. The softwood comes in different types, such as Deal, Pine, and Fir. In the UK, the commonly used softwood comes from the Pinus Sylvestris (redwood). On the other hand, hardwoods are widely used in building heavy structures, such as walls and floors. The hardwoods available in the UK include Oak, Beech, Ash, Walnut, etc. Softwoods are used to make light-load bearing structures, such as doors and window frames.

Pros and Cons of Timber Fencing
Here is a summary of the pros and cons of timber fencing.


  • Timber fencing is stylish

Timber fencing comes with different styles, and you are free to choose an option that fits your preferences. The variety of options means that you can select a design that blends well with your property. Our fence specialists have developed a checklist to help you choose the right type of timber for your fence.

  • Ease of installation

Timber fence panels are lighter to handle and easy to install than metal or concrete options. If you want to redesign the look and feel of your garden, your fence will be part of the design process. Whichever type of timber you choose, you should install it quickly and correctly. Our fencing contractors use timber fence panels that are easy to install.

  • Affordability

Affordability of a fence should always be a priority when selecting a fence. Timber panels are more affordable than concrete or metal.

  • Environmental friendly

Unlike metals, wooden materials are recyclable and recommended for your garden or residential fencing.


  • Timber panels warp changing colour with time
  • If not well maintained, timber fences are prone to adverse weather elements, such as rain, storms, and heat.
  • If not correctly treated timbers are susceptible to rot and attack by insects.
  • Timber fencing has a shorter lifespan as opposed to metal or concrete.

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