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    Welcome to Edinburgh Fencing!

    Edinburgh Fencing is one of the leading fencing companies in Scotland, offering top-quality services in garden fencing, commercial fencing, and domestic fencing. Our team comprises high-qualified and experienced employees who are committed to delivering the best fencing solutions to property owners in the Edinburgh region. We pride ourselves on effective service delivery and an efficient workforce. Over the years, we have provided exemplary fencing services to residential and commercial homeowners in Edinburgh, Midlothian and East of Scotland.

    For professional fencing services, don’t go further than Edinburgh Fencing. We supply and install a variety of fences to cater to your diverse needs and ensure that you are left with an attractive and functional fence. Our fence builders and contractors have helped to improve outdoor spaces across the Edinburgh area. From residential facilities to commercial structures, the projects we have worked on have equipped our employees with skills and experience to handle the most extensive projects soon.

    At Edinburgh Fencing, we provide a wide range of timber fencing options, such as traditional garden panels, wooden trellis, posts, and many more. Wooden fence panels are known for adding a decorative element to any property. Our fence builders can install various wooden panels to suit your styles and budgets, and help you choose a fence that will compliment your existing landscape and property!

    Here is a summary of our services.

    • Timber fencing
    • Vinyl/ PVC fencing
    • Commercial fencing
    • Residential/ garden fencing
    • Rural/ farm fencing
    Feel free to browse our site to find out more about how we can be transferring your property, or else if you want to book a free consultation in straight away, click the button below.

    Timber Fencing

    Timbers fences are known for providing a warm and beautiful look to a home, and due to their robustness, they are suitable for building commercial structures. Timber is one of the most affordable and versatile fencing materials in the UK. Wood panels come in different designs, hence challenging to make the right choice. At Edinburgh Fencing Co, we will help you select a fence that complements with your home environment.
    Timber comes in various forms – mainly softwood or hardwood. The softwood includes Pine, Deal, and Fir. Redwood is the popular softwood for our customers across Edinburgh. Hardwoods are usually used in constructing heavy structures like walls and decks. In the UK, the common hardwoods are Oak, Walnut, Beech, etc.
    Unlike metal or concrete, timber fencing panels are lighter and easier to install. Our fencing contractors are adept at selecting and installing timber panels around your home or firm. Poor maintenance of wooden fences can make them susceptible to adverse weather elements like extreme heat and rain. Our fence builders can maintain your fences within your budgets and timelines.
    There is a variety of timber fencing styles to choose from. For instance, if you need a private and serene environment, the privacy style will suffice for this. The traditional picket style will be a better option if you are interested in the feel and look of the wall. If you are operating on tight budgets and want something to contain your firm animals, the split-rail fence is ideal.

    The team at Edinburgh Fencing Co did an awesome job in building our new garden privacy fence. It looks great and is very easy to look after! They had us booked in and was completed within a 10 days of enquiring, all at a very competitive rate. Thanks again guys! ​Sarah M. Leith

    Vinyl/ PVC Fencing

    Unlike the traditional wooden fence, a vinyl fence is characterised by low maintenance and doesn’t crack easily. Repairing the fence can be difficult if you are not familiar with the job. If part of the vinyl fence breaks, you will be forced to replace the entire panel. At Edinburgh Fencing Co, our fencing contractors can choose and install the right fencing panel for you and your home.
    Vinyl fences come in different colours and styles and our specialists can inform you of all options available, so you can get the best result for your home.
    Our experience in the fencing industry makes us a one-stop-shop for your home improvement projects. Whether you need a residential fence builder for a small job at home or our whole team for a large scale commercial fencing, we have the skills and experience to provide professional results at cost-effective rates. By offering our clients affordable fencing services at premium quality, we’re able to build quality relationships with local homeowners and developers.
    No matter the size of your project, we have a perfect solution for you.

    These guys are a top quality fencing company. We were delighted with the job the did on our new fence around our patio and back garden. The vinyl looks great and has a real premium feel to it!”
    ​Jesse T. Portobello


    ​Whether you want a residential or commercial gate, it is readily available at Edinburgh Fencing Co. Our fence contractors are highly skilled and experienced to help install gates for your home.

    ​We install electric gate openers, such as sliding gates, swing gates, automatic gate openers, remote controls, and vehicle sensors.


    Can you install a fence yourself?

    It is possible you can install a fence by yourself. Self-installation is the cheapest option because you don’t have to pay fence builders to do the job. By installing a fence on your own, you will be free to choose whatever you like in terms of materials and designs. Although it is cost-effective to install a fence by yourself, it is time-consuming, especially when doing it on your own. If you are new to fence building, you will have to do research beforehand to determine the right materials, tools, and local regulations. Bear in mind that if something wrong happens during installation, you will have to incur more cost to pay a professional person for repair.

    What is the cheapest fence to build?

    Wood is the cheapest fence to build in the UK. For regular installation, a timber fence costs 50% less than a vinyl fence. A wooden fence would cost between £6-£19, depending on the type and height of the materials used.

    How much does a fence cost to build?

    The average cost of building a fence in the UK is £1391 to £3378. The price depends on many factors, but you can spend £11 to £42 per linear foot of fencing. If your yard’s terrain is rough and requires levelling, the labour costs will go up. More importantly, the material you use for your fence dramatically determines the cost of a fence.

    What is the best type of fence for gardens?

    Close-board fencing is one of the most common fencing types in the UK, and it is the best for gardens. Close-board fencing is a robust solid fence build with overlapping vertical wooden boards. It is affordable and attractive, and it is commonly use for gardens to provide privacy and security to your garden. It is usually 6ft, hence securing your garden well. Unlike a vinyl fence, repairing a close-board fence is easy; you don’t have to remove the entire fence panels to fix it. The boards that make up a close-board fence are pressure treated, hence making it a durable fencing option.

    How high can your garden fence be?

    In the UK, the height of a garden fence cannot be higher than 2 metres unless you have permitted to do otherwise. Erecting a high fence can be perceived negatively by neighbours; however, a trellis topper is ideal if you want to add some heights to your garden fence. The maximum height of a trellis topper should 2 metres above the ordinary fence. If your fence exceeds the maximum height, you will have to apply for a planning permission.

    What is the most durable fence to build?

    Vinyl or PVC is one of the most common fencing materials due to its durability. It withstands adverse weather elements, which implies that it doesn’t rot, rust, crack, or splinter when subjected to a hot and cold environment. However, if a part of the vinyl fence breaks, you will have to replace the entire panel depending on how the pieces fit together. Vinyl fences come in many colours and designs, which means that you will a lot of options to choose from.

    What is the Cheapest Type of Fencing to build?

    Edinburgh Fencing Co are certainly not the cheapest firm to work with, however for people looking to find the ultimate low cost fence, there are a few options available.

    1. Treated pine 
    2. iron wrought
    3. Barbed wire
    4. Chain
    5. Hog wire
    6. Electric

    Our contractors can chat to you about the most effective way we can build fencing for you so you don’t have to break your budget!

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