Edinburgh Fencing

Standard Fencing

If you’re looking for fencing that’s sturdy and secure then standard fencing could be a perfect choice. It will keep your property safe and secure from all dangers. This kind of fencing is ideal if you want to limit access to certain areas while still allowing pets and children easy passage back and forth from […]

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Red Cedar Fencing

If you want a fence that will stand up to tough conditions for years without losing its good looks, consider red cedar fencing instead. This type of wood has natural anti-fungal properties that make it resistant to rot and decay while still looking great year after year. Plus, red cedar does not splinter like pressure-treated

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Security Fencing

Security fencing is a great way to keep your home or business safe. You can use it to prevent theft, vandalism, and even trespassing. There are many different types of security fencing available today, so you can choose one that fits in with your overall design scheme perfectly.

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Custom Gates

Fencing is more than just a way to protect your home. It’s also an attractive addition to your property that can increase the value of your home and create privacy for you and your family. We understand that not every homeowner wants to tackle the job themselves, which is why we offer professional installation services

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Rural Fencing

Our company specializes in the installation of rural fencing for residential properties in rural areas to protect livestock. Rural fencing allows you to have all the privacy you want without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality! And our fence buildersat Edinburgh fencing will take care of everything for you – from design consultation to installing your new

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